Living in a Community Association requires an acknowledgment of covenants and conditions and the current laws and disclosures that enhance or restrict your ownership rights.  Anyone who chooses to purchase in a Community Association understands that there are certain responsibilities placed upon them and certain obligations of the Association's Board of Directors in maintaining the value of the properties that they oversee.  Understanding those responsibilities and assisting the community's buyers, sellers, landlords, or Board of Directors is a small part of the responsibilities we have assumed at Brazzano Real Estate & Management.aliki

Do you need:

Management Services? 

Yes we are licensed to manage condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner's associations and Community Development Districts 

Consulting Services? 

Perhaps you need someone to find you a management company to meet your needs and ensure that your community will be represented well by that management company.  We do the work for in in researching management companies and finding you one that best meets your needs.  Perhaps you are self-managed and just need help in finding vendors or the right person to maintain your property - we can send the proper Request for Proposals (RFP)s to those companies or persons that will meet your needs, checking their licenses, insurance, and proper paperwork to eliminate any problems for your community.

Paperwork Assistance?

As Community Managers with over 14 years of experience, we can assist you in formatting rules or items of importance to your association, with the assistance of your attorney (when needed), and create your documents for meetings, notices, and minutes to ensure that your documents are maintained within the criteria of Florida State requirements.  We are further available to assist you in digitizing your forever files to meet new criteria and assisting you in developing a website and/or online presence and creating usage rules for your community in maintaining that presence!  We can also help with any buyer/leasing documentation you may have for sales and rentals in your community to keep your owners safe and know who may or may not be using your association's amenities and common areas.

Budget Assistance

The biggest downfall of any community association is the poor planning for reserves and capital expenses.  Allow us to review your financials and provide you with suggestions to better manage your maintenance fees to meet both current and future obligations.  This can save your community's value as special assessments do tend to devalue any property!!

Project Management

Some projects are just too big for a part-time board to handle.  We can take that roofing, plumbing, parking lot, siding, or other large or small project and find the right team to take your project to its fulfillment and ensure that timelines and inspection periods are met properly to deter any delays.  

Buying/Selling/Renting in a Community Association?

As Florida real estate Licensees, we understand the required documents for selling and disclosures for buyers to make any sale smooth and wrinkle free.  Are you looking for a reasonably priced income property?  Understanding the rules in any association declaration will ensure that you are not limited due to rules or laws that always need to be reviewed both in the neighborhood and within the community.  We walk you through the process and make certain that your investment pays you or meets your expectations!

Give us a call at 386-986-6528  or 386-793-1283 to allow us an opportunity to assist you in your community needs! We are professional in our approach and in our completion of all that we do for you!